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During the evolution of the human race, the one major aspect that helped humans to connect with each other, both emotionally and socially, was learning about their surroundings, and sharing their thoughts and ideas. Due to this, the cognition of human beings has increased tremendously. Transfer of learning or “knowledge sharing” plays a very important role in our daily lives. This…

I was in 7th grade, when I first heard a distinctive husky voice, singing in a thick, lilting accent. The enchanting tone along with the bouncy beats playing in the background piqued my curiosity, and compelled me to go and catch a glimpse of the music that was being played on the Vh1 channel. To my surprise, they were playing, what appeared to be a music video of the 70s, with a man with dreadlocks, dressed in a blue suit, singing at a child’s birthday party.

“Is this love, is this love that I’m feeling”, sang he.

“Is this love” video, 1978

The tables turned…

This afternoon, when I was standing barefoot in front of the veranda, brooding over my online classes due to Covid-19 and cursing the 32 deg C temperature that burnt my feet, I received a WhatsApp message. I was quite astonished as this message was sent to me by my father, and he is surely not the type of person who uses this app. Well, I did open it just to see an image of a malnourished child, resting languidly on the shoulder of a man wearing a ripped shirt, who appears to be the child’s father. …

Raksha Harish

Computer Science Student | Singer | Guitarist | Poetess

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